soccer story

 If I ever wanted this dream to come true I would have to study hard and make good grades in my classes, condition myself to get into better shape, and most importantly continue to work on my soccer skills year-round.4

         A person’s grades in school are, without a doubt, one of the key factors in the outcome of that particular person’s future. A person’s grades can determine what college he or she gets accepted to after high school. Therefore if I ever want to play soccer for a decent college someday I will have to maintain acceptable grades and study regularly to pass my classes with high marks.5

Also to be on a soccer team at a college I will have to maintain a 2.0 grade point average while attending the college. I do not believe that will be a problem for me unless I literally try to fail my classes or skip them just about all the time. I think of myself to be somewhat of an intelligent young man that is capable of doing very well if I apply myself. I highly doubt that my grades will keep me from playing soccer for a college one day. as long as i do my work and attend class regularly i would be fine.6


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